Air ambulance pilots give thumbs up to union

than 40 police and air ambulance helicopter pilots have voted in favour of
union recognition. 

pilots, employed by the private company Police Aviation Services, are to sign a
formal recognition agreement between the company and the British Air Line
Pilots’ Association (BALPA).

General Secretary, Christopher Darke, said: "This is one of the last
helicopter operators to sign with us, and we are delighted. Recognition will
make for even better industrial relations in Police Aviation Services and we
will work with the company to make it both profitable and successful.

the last few months we have enjoyed a great deal of success in our campaign to
secure union recognition from airlines and helicopter operators. There is
hardly an employer in the aviation industry with which we do not have an
agreement and I think the operators themselves have seen the value of the
contribution we can make to their success."

Police Aviation Services, based at Gloucestershire Airport near Cheltenham,
provides helicopter services to 15 police forces and seven air ambulance
services across the UK. All the pilots voting in the ballot said they want the
company to recognise BALPA for collective bargaining.

By Quentin Reade

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