Airline pilots’ union gets new general secretary in surprise win

pilots’ trade union Balpa has a new general secretary after a surprise win by
John Frohnsdorrf, a British Airways long haul pilot.

succeeds Christopher Darke, who has been general secretary of the British
Airline Pilots Association for the past 10 years and was standing for
re-election.  He was beaten by his only
rival in a shock vote, website Ananova reports.

polled 1,414 votes, but was beaten by Frohnsdorff who won 2,935 votes.

reports that Frohnsdorff said during the election campaign that he would resign
if he won the job.

pilots are believed to have been unhappy with the leadership of Darke.

pilots used to dominate Balpa membership but now only represent around half of
all members.

By Quentin Reade

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