Airport security staff not all cleared, newspaper claims

personnel at UK airports are operating in sensitive areas without the proper
clearance, despite the current heightened concerns over security.

in the press suggest that tasks such as searching passengers, screening luggage
and searching aircraft is being carried out by staff before the compulsory government
counter-terrorist checks have been issued.

Times claims that at least 38 Securicor ADI guards due to work at Heathrow,
including one man from Afghanistan, have not been vetted.

company, which also operates at other major UK airports, reportedly admitted
placing staff before full security checks had been completed. However, a
spokesman claimed it had broken no rules as long as the staff were supervised
by others with CTC clearance, reported the paper.

MPs, including the Liberal Democrat transport spokesman Don Foster, have called
for immediate change to regulations governing airport security staff.

By Ross Wigham

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