All in a day’s work

if the department didn’t have enough to keep it occupied, HR’s central role as
"the conscience of an organisation" means it always has to be there
to troubleshoot the extraordinary and mop up the mess when things go wrong…

are some examples of the more human duties performed by HR people in recent

with the death of a 20-stone employee found floating naked in a vat of beer

Ray Barnes, head of HR at Partco

the wife of an interviewee that it might be better if she had a coffee in
reception than sitting in on her husband’s interview

Mary Cope, European HR director at Eicon Technology

threatened by a meat cleaver-wielding butcher who had been dismissed for gross

Bill Hughes, HR controller at CWS

hospital staff complaints of late night spooky sounds coming from a nearby
church. (It turned out to be someone practising the bagpipes)
James Farrelly, deputy HR director, South Glasgow University Hospitals

a request for bereavement leave from an employee whose pet parrot had died
Clare Roberts, HR director at Black & Decker, Spennymore

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