Alstom goes for the hard sell

Global transport specialist Alstom has turned to a consumer marketing firm
to devise a communications strategy for a training initiative and to speak to
employees in a way that appeals directly to them and their needs.

The focus of the marketing strategy was the launch of the Transport
Leadership Programme, a fast-track programme for high-potential employees.

Alstom’s vice-president of learning and development (transport sector) Mike
Salone said: "We were convinced, and were proved correct, that using consumer
marketing techniques to promote the leadership programme would increase its
appeal. We don’t usually do a lot of direct communication."

The campaign used a stylish silver box containing an explanatory CD-Rom and
booklet. The aim is that the selected group of employees will see that a
continuing career with the company would meet their aspirations.

It has been sent to people the company sees as capable of winning two
promotions in five years and who speak two key languages. The programme uses
blended learning and is conducted in English around the world.

Online 360-degree feedback ensures that "we know what people need to
know before we start a programme with them," said Salone, " and so
saving time and money."

By Stephanie Sparrow

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