Appraisals used to gauge development skills gap

out of 10 firms use appraisals to identify skills gaps and development needs,
according to a study carried out by IRS Employment Review.

than half of public sector bodies and over a third of private sector
organisations use the process to target training and development needs.

in 10 use it to evaluate performance – 46 per cent in the public and 36 per
cent in the private sector while a third want to identify and acknowledge
performance and ensure managers communicate with staff. 

fifth use appraisals to make reward decisions, this is more often the case than
in the private sector – 15 per cent – than in the public sector at 4 per cent.

poor performance is the reason given by 17 per cent of the 95 respondents (54
public and 41 private) and increasing productivity is cited by just  9 per cent.

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