Are your managers getting the support they deserve?

In uncertain times like these, organisations will want their employees to be confident in their manager’s ability to lead, yet a recent worldwide survey showed that nearly a quarter of UK based professional respondents said that they were ‘discontented and unproductive, or disengaged’.
This issue, unfortunately, is not a new one, as many employees feel unable to approach and relate to their managers.

This can often be caused by managers experiencing feelings of being out of their depth, having lack of support from the organisation or having limited leadership and management skills.

However, this is a problem that can be addressed; many organisations are using business related development programmes as part of professional development plans to invest in their managers, which builds their skills to benefit both the organisation and themselves.  
Righttrack Consultancy, a learning and development specialist with over 20 years’ experience, has seen a growing trend in organisations investing in accredited development programmes.

Righttrack has been working in conjunction with the Institute of Leadership and Management – Europe’s leading awarding body in Leadership and Management – in designing and implementing company-specific Development Programmes since 2006.

Righttrack also offer the Development Programmes in ready-to-run options, which include sales and customer management as well as programmes for specific sectors, for example Housing Associations.
In March 2008, Righttrack became an ILM Recognised Provider, which enables Righttrack to not only provide ILM Development Programmes but also implement business related ILM qualifications into organisations such as the ILM Certificate in First Line Management.

In essence, these are qualifications in the traditional sense, but meet organisations’ learning objectives because they are business related.

Righttrack believe that the growing popularity of accredited programmes  is for a number of reasons, which include:
·            A strong basis in business learning
·            Non lecture-based
·            They are engaging, practical and innovative
·            Delivered by experienced business trainers
Kasmin Cooney, Righttrack’s Managing Director says,

“Management and leadership development is incredibly important to any organisation and should be high on all business agendas. As the survey showed many employees are feeling disengaged and unproductive, which if they were managed properly, would address this situation allowing them to get more out of their role, enabling the organisation to benefit from higher productivity, motivation and morale.”
“Development programmes and qualifications give managers, whether they are new to the role or are highly experienced a solid understanding of the principles of management and leadership, with a clear emphasis on practices that truly have a positive impact on organisations today – it is not learning for the sake of it.”
“As the economic climate continues to be tough, getting the most out of employees is becoming even more important in the fight to stay competitive.”

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