Asda pays £7,000 for unfair dismissal over epilepsy medication

An Asda worker sacked for leaving the shopfloor to take an epilepsy pill has won more than £7,000 in compensation for unfair dismissal.

Paul Turner told an employment tribunal he was away for just seven minutes to take his medication because he was feeling unwell.

But the employment tribunal heard managers at the Asda warehouse in Trafford Park, Greater Manchester, accused him of taking a break to watch last year’s European Cup Final.

Turner, who had worked for the supermarket giant for 10 years, made his claim under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), backed by the GMB union.

Union spokeswoman Giovanna Holt said: “Asda was well aware of Paul’s condition but took no steps to appraise themselves of the effects of his illness.”

A spokesman for Asda said the company was looking closely at the case to see what they could learn from it but said Asda prides itself on its “great people credentials”.

Asda was recently forced to pay £27,750 in compensation to 37 Asian workers in Leicestershire for racial discrimination after GMB called on the retailer to apologise to staff.

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