Asda to install webcams in food factories to improve consumer confidence

Supermarket giant Asda has embarked on a campaign to become more transparent – by placing webcams in its food factories.

Cameras could also be placed inside battery chicken sheds, clothing factories in Bangladesh or even an abattoir, the Telegraph reported.

According to chief executive Andy Bond, the technology is minimal and the only limit would be if staff objected or it showed a commercially sensitive part of the business.

The measure is one of a number designed to boost consumer confidence. Other plans include building a supermarket next year with glass walls, allowing shoppers to see into the stockroom and staff rest areas.

He said: “We’ve got nothing to hide. We know it involves risk, but in a modern democratic world, loyalty can’t be bought by plastic points and money-off vouchers. It has to be earned. We want our customers to trust us. And they will only do that if we are transparent.”

Bond added the move was not a response to a video that allegedly showed a former Asda worker licking a raw chicken and then putting it back on the shelf, which became a YouTube hit.

“Not at all. It’s not the reason why. We’re living in a very different world and we need to respond to consumers,” he said.

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