Staff monitoring

Employers commonly monitor employees’ behaviour in the workplace to ensure that rules are not being broken and employees are acting appropriately while representing the employer.

Common methods of monitoring staff include recording employees’ activities on CCTV, checking emails, listening to voicemails and monitoring telephone conversations.

Employers should inform employees that monitoring is taking place, how data is being collected, how the data will be securely processed and the purpose for which the data will be used. Employee will usually be entitled to see data that has been collected about them. In exceptional circumstances, the organisation may use monitoring covertly (for example, to catch a thief).

Employees look to avoid snooping employers

About a quarter of UK employers (24%) said they would leave their job if they felt their privacy was being invaded.

1,200 HSBC employees to work permanently from home

8 Apr 2021

HSBC acts on results of employee survey but nearly a third opt to work in offices at least some of the time.

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Call centre denies webcam monitoring claims

29 Mar 2021

A major call centre company has refuted claims that specialist webcams will be fitted to check up on employees while...

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How HR can use tech to support employees, rather than watch them

15 Mar 2021

Hybrid working: ‘HR and technology has a wonderful chance to change the face of work’

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‘No jab, no job’ recruitment is legal says justice secretary

18 Feb 2021

Justice secretary Robert Buckland has said only enlisting new staff once they had been inoculated was possible if it was written into their contracts.

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Employers ‘missing a trick’ on awareness of rights during pandemic

12 Feb 2021

Employers could do more to make working parents aware of their rights to leave and financial support during the pandemic, a study has claimed.

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Employee surveillance: getting the balance right

22 Jan 2021

Labour has called for greater protections for workers whose employers use software to monitor activity while working from home –...

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Ensure workers have right to privacy when work is monitored, says Labour

20 Jan 2021

The Labour Party has called on the government to urgently update guidance on the use of surveillance at work after...

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TUC taskforce to address ‘punitive’ use of AI in staff monitoring

30 Nov 2020

With the use of AI growing during the Covid pandemic a taskforce aims to protect workers from punitive ways of working.

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Why management styles have to adapt for remote working

3 Nov 2020

Widespread working from home is creating an imperative for teams to review and adopt different management styles. Paida Dube examines...

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Uber sued for ‘automated’ dismissals

27 Oct 2020

In the first legal challenge of its kind, former Uber drivers in the UK and Portugal are suing the taxi-hailing...

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Lloyds Bank says staff will be working at home until spring at least

26 Oct 2020

Lloyds Bank's has told most of its UK employees not to return to the office until at least spring.

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Why home workers who are ill should not work

22 Oct 2020

With the onset of colder weather, inevitably the number of people with common colds and flu will rise, in addition...

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City traders working from home must be monitored

13 Oct 2020

A City watchdog has warned financial services firms that it expects them to have updated their policies, refreshed their training...

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Employers watch BBC’s social media struggles with interest

1 Oct 2020

Legal expert says BBC's new impartiality drive has lessons for businesses worried over brand damage from employees' posts.

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