Asian men lose out in pay levels

males continue to earn more than their black and Asian counterparts, according
to research by the TUC.

and Excluded, which draws information from the Labour Force Survey and the
Office for National Statistics, shows that black and Asian workers earn a
weekly average of £97 less than white males.

largest gap is between Bangladeshi and Pakistani men and white counterparts.
The survey shows they are down by an average of £150 per week compared to white
males. Men of Caribbean and African origin were found to be £115 worse off per

Indian men where found to attract anything like the same wages as white males.
The survey found their average weekly wage was just £5 lower at £327.

female employees, the figures were more mixed. Pakistani and Bangladeshi women
are the worst off, earning an average of £34 less per week than whites.

overall black and Asian women earn an average of £7 more per week than white
women workers. Caribbean women are the highest paid, commanding an average
weekly wage of £210.

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