Association launched by occupational health providers

health providers have launched an association to promote their services and
help the industry to develop.

Commercial Occupational Health Providers Association (COHPA) said industry is
growing rapidly due to an increase in organisational legislation and
litigation, and it has formed to service industry needs. 

deputy chairman, Dr Michael Goldsmith, said one of the organisation’s first
tasks would be to promote the benefits of occupational health and to inform
business and public sector organisations on the specific services and providers

commercial OH providers, we are coming together to actively develop the
industry and respond to the many key issues that require confrontation: lack of
OH representation to Government, a shortage of OH resource, and a need for
improved industry standards,” he said.

chairman, Geoff Helliwell, said the association wanted to be seen as a partner
in government initiatives for resource planning for the industry, and for the
development of vital policy issues such as sicknotes and VAT for practitioners.

By Quentin Reade

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