Asthma suffering bar worker wins £6,000 for disability discrimination and unfair dismissal

A bar worker who lost her job after she suffered an asthma attack has been awarded almost £6,000 for disability discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Carly Simpson began feeling unwell while working in Patrick’s Bar in Perth on a Saturday night in August 2005, a Dundee employment tribunal heard.

Simpson said she went to get some fresh air and her manager found her outside wheezing.

The following week she noticed her name was not on the staff rota and asked her manager why. Simpson said her manager suggested it might be better for if she found another job in a different type of employment.

The manager told the tribunal that he wanted Simpson to consider working in the bar’s coffee shop with a view to managing it.

But the tribunal preferred Simpson’s version of events and awarded her £3,000 for injury to her feelings, £150 interest and a further £2,790 compensation for her unfair dismissal on the grounds of her disability.

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