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How to manage older workers

15 Jun 2004

The HR team at South West Trains, led by Personnel Today's guest editor Beverley Shears, discusses the issues surrounding age and retirement at a special roundtable event.

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Does union recovery signal end to decades of decline?

13 Apr 2004

While a slight upturn in membership numbers has given unions hope for a revival, fear of the 'awkward squad' could ensure that this is only a blip in a long downward slope to oblivion.

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Do benefits packages score with staff?

23 Mar 2004

A recent survey reveals that organisations have not got to grips with how best to motivate and retain staff using benefits packages despite clear evidence that they can work wonders with morale.

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New Bill a step closer to equality

24 Feb 2004

The Disability Discrimination Bill is set to revamp the existing law. But isHR ready for it?

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Proving that training pays

10 Feb 2004

By Mike Berry

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HR must embrace job sites

27 Jan 2004

Findings from the latest National Online Recruitment Audience Survey show that jobs boards are as popular as ever. And with an imminent reduction in the size of the UK's working population, recruiters are realising that online advertising will become even more important in the future.

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