Avoid legal pitfalls with new HR CD-Rom

From 1st October 2004 the law* says that HR departments must use workplace mediation in their conflict resolution procedures, or face serious financial consequences. If an employer is unprepared for this legislation then a new practical guide: ampatico – The Complete Introduction to Mediation in the Workplace could keep them within the law.

Statutory Dispute Resolution* will require employers and employees to follow voluntary dispute resolution procedures (including workplace mediation). 75 per  cent** of disputes that go to mediation are successfully resolved. Employers that fail to follow such procedures could find subsequent Tribunal awards against them increased by 50 per cent.

ampatico is a comprehensive CD-Rom that includes: easy to follow information on mediation; resources for establishing a mediation procedure; online personal plan to log progress and create an action plan; glossary of mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution terminology; presentations for customised use.

ampatico has been written and produced by Zanne Findlay, one of the UK’s leading experts on mediation.

“Mediation shortens the time in the settling of employer-employee disputes, compared to Tribunals. It also compares highly favourably cost-wise,” states Zanne.

Reviewers have commented:-

“In my experience mediation is of huge benefit to all who participate. ampatico has produced an overview to mediation that is intelligent, clear and fun to use. I will be recommending it to employer clients as a practical resource.” (Mark Emery, Solicitor, Employment Dept, Bindman & Partners)

ampatico is a brilliant introduction to mediation. Its easy to navigate, accessible and best of all – usable in the workplace.” (Mo Girach, CEO, SELDOC)

An online introduction to ampatico is available at www.ampatico.co.uk

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The ampatico CD-Rom is published by Applied Mediation Ltd. It is PC and Mac compatible. Normally £655 ex VAT, a special price is available for PersonnelToday.com readers of £555 ex VAT for payment by cheque or through issue of official Purchase Order. Just quote ‘personneltoday.com’ on order/correspondence. The ampatico CD-Rom is published by Applied Mediation Ltd.  It can be ordered by phone (0207 652 6467), by fax (0870 855 5293), by email ([email protected]), online (www.ampatico.co.uk) or by post from: Applied Mediation Ltd, 207 Waller Road, London SE14 5LX.

* For more information on Employment Act 2002: Statutory Dispute Resolution (implementation date 1st October 2004) contact the DTi – http://www.dti.gov.uk/resolvingdisputes.htm or contact Applied Mediation Ltd (tel: 0207 652 6467/email: [email protected] ).

** Brett & Ury, USA

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of conflict resolution where an impartial third party assists in forging a mutually acceptable agreement.

Mediators do not offer advice (conciliation) or impose solutions (arbitration).

It is based on the principle that those involved in a dispute are best placed to resolve it.

Mediation is voluntary & confidential.

What are the Benefits of Mediation?

Workplace disputes can be extremely time consuming and stressful. Mediation offers a much quicker and easier solution.

Mediation provides a less confrontational way to resolve disputes.

Mediation, even using external mediation consultants, will be far more cost effective than most other formal dispute procedures.

Mediation allows an organisation to meet its Statutory Dispute Resolution requirements in a way that may reduce awards made against it at Tribunal by up to 50 per cent.

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