BA launches e-learning project to improve training

British Airways is to launch an ambitious e-learning project to centralise
and improve the quality of training for its worldwide workforce.

The company’s 50,000 staff, ranging from baggage handlers to pilots, will be
able to use the intranet to access over 500 courses, including coaching,
project management and leadership skills as well a new course on how to
recognise and handle dangerous goods. Traditional classroom-based learning will
also be used alongside e-learning to deliver training to BA employees.

The company has incorporated e-learning in its 30 open learning centres to
ensure that the 70 per cent of staff who do not have regular access to a
computer are able to benefit from the initiative.

Elaine Wilson, British Airways e-learning manager, believes that more
accessible training will help to improve career development within the company
and the quality of customer service. "As a leading airline, training and
development is a critical part of our business strategy to ensure that our
staff can provide the highest level of customer service.

"However, with a global workforce who work irregular hours, are often
on the move and differ greatly in culture and ways of working, providing
consistent and successful training is a continuous challenge.

"E-learning presents the perfect solution offering our staff a
fantastic range of courses to chose from, including IT, business and
professional development skills, and more importantly access whenever they

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