Bad management is widespread in the UK

Poor management is rife in the UK workplace, with more than nine in 10 employees reporting that they have worked for a bad manager, research reveals.

The survey of 1,500 UK staff, by law firm Eversheds, also shows that more than a quarter of workers believe management styles have become too harsh during the past year, with almost 50% admitting that they have worked for a bully.

The study shows a lack of communication skills among UK managers. The overwhelming majority of workers (97%) would like their bosses to communicate more clearly and directly.

Specifically, employees would like to see an end to management speak, with phrases such as ‘are we all singing from the same hymn sheet’ and ‘thinking outside of the box’ causing particular irritation.

David Gray, chief executive of Eversheds, said: “Strong and effective leadership should be at the heart of all good businesses, but these findings make troubling reading. The report shows that poor communication, lack of direction and weak decision-making are widespread among UK bosses.

“The study reveals a distinct lack of respect for management, with more than one-third of workers having a negative perception of their current boss. From the findings, it is clear that managers have to achieve a fine balance. Workers say they respond to managers who are straight-talking and honest, but also someone who is approachable and friendly,” he added.




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