BAE Systems announces further job cuts

defence and aerospace giant BAE Systems is to cut 1,000 jobs at two of its
facilities in Lancashire.

jobs are to go at its air systems plants in Warton and Samlesbury, with 500
going this year and 500 in 2005.

Systems said it was predicting a downturn in work in some areas in the coming
years, which meant it had too many people with certain skills.

comes a week after the company announced the loss of 760 jobs at its shipyard
in Barrow, Cumbria.

Whitehead, managing director of the air systems group, said that while the
company knew it would be a tough time for all those affected, it was "the
only way to ensure a viable future for this business".

hope to achieve the majority of these job losses by voluntary means," he
said. "However, we cannot rule out compulsory redundancies at some
stage," he added.

said BAE Systems had been working with trade unions in trying to keep job
losses to a minimum.

By Mike Berry

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