Bank of Ireland to investigate revealing IT audit remit

Bank of Ireland has launched an investigation into how a limited audit of the
IT department’s internet usage was extended to include the computer of Mike
Soden, the former chief executive, the Sunday Times has reported.

week, reported that Soden had resigned after it emerged that
the results of the audit, which showed he had accessed an adult website, were
leaked to the media. Hewlett-Packard, which carried out the audit, has launched
a separate investigation.

Bank of Ireland outsourced its IT department to Hewlett-Packard last year in a
€500m (£334m) seven-year deal which saw 500 Bank of Ireland employees transfer
to the technology firm.

investigations will centre on who initiated the original audit, who extended
the audit, and who leaked the results of the computer trawl, the Sunday Times

ongoing investigation is expected to be one of the immediate priorities of
Brian Goggin, the head of Bank of Ireland Asset Management, who was promoted
last week to the position of chief executive in the wake of Soden’s departure.

By Daniel Thomas

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