Bar workers pour over new qualifications

more efficient approach to training is allowing employers in the pub trade to
get more bar staff their nationally-recognised qualifications.

far, 1,000 staff have completed the new National Barperson’s Qualification,
which was launched to make the training process quicker and more accessible.

scheme is part of a learning drive by the British Institute of Innkeeping
(BII), which has increased the number of trained bar staff by 26,000 compared
to last year.

new scheme is based on a workbook and telephone exam, which means staff don’t
have to take time away from the workplace.

McNamara, chief executive of the BII, said it was prompted by recent
legislation which meant bar staff could be held responsible for upholding
licensing laws: "This led to a situation where staff earning minimum wage
could get a criminal record if they made a mistake at work. This training helps
make them aware of the law in their day-to-day duties," he said.

said the new process was more viable as pub bosses could rarely afford to let
staff leave the premises to train.

BII is also trialling a more advanced qualification, which is being offered at
colleges as part of an enriched scheme for students studying other subjects.

modular, paper-based National Barperson’s Certificate is currently being tested
by 15 companies.

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