BBC cuts jobs in restructure plan

The BBC’s HR team of 460 employees is to be cut by almost a quarter and will become a centralised department.

The traditionally devolved structure will be changed as the corporation intends to use a BBC-wide team to handle all administration and advice as part of its One BBC initiative.

The changes come as part of director-general Greg Dyke’s restructuring of the organisation to concentrate on programmes and services, rather than support.

A total of 1,100 staff out of 25,000 employees are to lose their jobs across the whole of the BBC to release an extra £750m.

The BBC HR professionals are now to work in two teams – one providing senior managers with expert advice on HR issues, the other operating as “consultants” wherever they are needed.

A BBC-wide operations and information team will handle all administration and advice. Other changes include creating an internal “agency” to handle all recruitment and a new diversity centre to work on employment, portrayal and access issues.

There will be fewer internal communications practitioners, and external training spend is to be slashed while an internal knowledge sharing culture is to be developed.

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