Before you buy

Knowing exactly what you need from a new payroll software system might be more complex than you expect. This section helps answer key questions and provide step-by-step guides on starting the process.

Seven steps to proving the business case for new payroll software
A recent survey revealed that three-quarters of UK HR managers are uncomfortable writing business cases. However, in a tough economic climate, knowing how to create an effective business case for new payroll and HR software is a vital skill.

How to handle product demonstrations 
Once you have made the decision to invest in new software, you’re faced with the difficult process of deciding exactly which supplier to go with. This will inevitably lead to the product demonstration.

Calculating return on investment ROI 
The fundamental question underlying any payroll software investment should be: is it worth it? A good investment is basically one where the total costs involved are lower than the measurable benefits.

Due diligence – minimising risk
Before signing on the dotted line for any new HR software or payroll software, it’s vital to ensure you’re happy to do business with the supplier. This article looks at the checks you should make.

10 steps to a final decision 
So you’ve found the perfect payroll software. You’ve negotiated a great price and a good support contract. But don’t sign the contract until you can answer these 10 vital questions.


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