Blair thanks employers for supporting reservists

The prime minister has thanked more than 150 employers for the support they have given to UK reservists.

The Reserves, comprising the Territorial Army, Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Marines Reserve and Royal Auxiliary Air Force, are an integral part of the UK’s armed forces. Since January 2003, 11,000 have been mobilised to support operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Without the tremendous support you give your employees, the modern British armed forces simply could not function as effectively and superbly as they do,” Blair told the employers.

“You play a vital role in supporting your employees and we know how important that relationship is.”

Maria Antoniou, HR director of Jaguar and Land Rover, which employs over 100 reservists, was one of the representatives invited.

She said: “I believe it is important to support our reservists. Their experience and training makes them valuable employees and we give our full support.”

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