Bonus scheme may leave Met with £2m budget gap

Sweeping reforms to introduce performance-related pay for police officers
could leave the Metropolitan service with a £2m shortfall in its budget.

New bonuses are being introduced under the Government’s Police Reform, but
the Met is worried the payments will have to be funded by its own budget.

Threshold payments of £1,002 are due to start in April for staff that meet
four competency criteria and have been at the top of their pay scale for more
than a year.

The Home Office has agreed to provide the money for staff demonstrating a
high degree of competence, but estimates that only 75 per cent will be

However, the Met’s figures predict that between 90 and 95 per cent of
officers will qualify, leaving a £2m gap in the funding.

Martin Tiplady, HR director at the Met, admitted the situation would have to
be resolved soon because the paperwork had to be in place by Christmas.

"Our estimation is different from the Home Office. As things stand, the
difference will have to come out of our budget. This will present problems but
we’ll have to deal with them," he said.

The HR department is also concerned at the levels of bureaucracy and
additional £5m cost of the forms for managers nominating staff for the

There will also be bonus payments for outstanding achievements and special
priority payments for front line officers in areas where recruitment is

By Ross Wigham

How the police are reforming their pay

– Threshold payments of £1,002 for
staff at the top of their pay grade and demonstrating a high degree of

– All federated staff will get a rise of at least £402

– Managers will nominate staff for occasional or bonus payments
of £50 to £500 for outstanding or unpleasant work

– Front-line officers in areas that struggle to recruit will be
awarded special priority payments between £500-£3,000
(exceptionally £5,000) annually

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