Book review: The HR Guide to European Mergers and Acquisitions

The HR Guide to European Mergers and Acquisitions by James F Klein with Robert-Charles Kahn
Price: 75
Pages: 182
Publisher: Gower
ISBN: 0-566-08564-X

This is an amazingly slim book to cover such a huge subject, but it does this extremely well. James F Klein has managed major reorganisations, day-to-day HR, corporate restructuring and a number of merger and acquisition (M&A) projects in Europe. Teaming up with academic and consultant, Robert-Charles Kahn, they have produced an easy-to-read guide with examples and advice for any organisation involved in an M&A in Europe.

The general manager of Lockheed Martin International, Mihir K Som, calls it “a must read… the blueprint to successful implementation and completion of M&A work”, which is a good definition of this book.

Based on more than 20 years’ experience in HR, it provides a step-by-step process to successful integration. I would recommend it to both sides involved in M&As – even the ‘little fish’ can learn what to expect, and demand, when handling an acquisition.

The content is easy to follow and, thankfully, is not written in an academic style, where every paragraph is signposted to sources from other academics and texts. However, it would still have a place in a classroom for MBA students.

Where little help has existed before, this book fills the gap admirably. So don’t wait for your CEO to read it – get your  own copy now.

Useful? 3*
Well-written? 1* 
Practical?  4*
Inspirational?  2*
Value for money? 3* 

Reviewed by Keith Lawson who provides training services to the charity and voluntary sector and is a consultant with the Centre for Management and Personal Development

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