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What is? offers answers

Nobody expects training professionals to be IT experts as well as everything
else but if you speak to an e-learning consultant he or she will enjoy bombarding
you with acronyms and jargon. Put this site in your Bookmarks or Favourites and
you’ll have a handy reference point to decipher their lingo. Whatis, from
TechTarget, the online resource and community for IT professionals, lists
hundreds of technical terms with their definitions. Key in the exact term, such
as Scorm, or search through a list alphabetically, and within seconds (if that
term is listed) you’ll get a definition, a set of web links, news headlines
where the term appears and expert advice links. For Scorm, it provided only a
definition but did provide useful background and explained the acronym fully.
It might not be the first site you go to in your spare time, but its
jargon-busting content means that it is well worth knowing about for when the
techies visit.

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