Boris Johnson calls for tougher strike laws as tube strikes hit the capital

Boris Johnson has called for the law to be changed so it is tougher for workers to strike, as the 24-hour tube strike disrupts thousands of commuters.

The London Mayor has said the Government should update the legislation so that industrial action cannot take place unless 50% of union members take part in a ballot.

The strike by members of the RMT union and the Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA) started at 7pm on Sunday night and has seen 11,000 tube workers striking over job cuts.

This has caused disruption to many companies as their employees struggled to get to work and employers have had to decide whether to pay staff who have not been able to get to the office.

According to guidance from XpertHR, there is no obligation to pay employees for missed time if they fail to attend work or arrive late due to public transport disruptions.

However, if employees are having problems getting to work due to the tube strikes, employers may wish to consider making some accommodation for them, such as allowing staff to work from home.

XpertHR guidance says that employers should investigate an employee’s reason for non-attendance before stopping their pay and that all employees should be treated consistently to avoid the risk of discrimination claims.

For further information on employment issues caused by the tube strikes, read XpertHR’s guide.

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