Brendan Barber elected next General Secretary of TUC

TUC General Council has elected Brendan Barber as TUC new general secretary.

will take over from John Monks in May, when the latter becomes general
secretary of the European Trade Unions Congress.

was nominated by 41 out of 69 unions, representing 96 per cent of the TUC’s
affiliated members (6,417,504 out of 6,685,353).

were no other candidates.

said: "I am delighted to have been elected as the TUC’s next General
Secretary, and proud to have secured the support of so many unions in the
nominating process.

in no doubt about the scale of the challenges that face the TUC. But I’m in no
doubt either about the fundamental and continuing importance of trade unionism
in the life of the British people."

By Paul Nelson

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