A round-up of news from the professional journals

Heart disease link

Hormonal irregularities, possibly sparked by stress, may be linked to heart
disease in young women. Research published by the US National Heart, Lung and
Blood Institute shows that women under 50 are more than twice as likely to die
after a heart attack than men of the same age.

Nursing Times, 12 February

Nurses attacked

Five nurses at Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital needed emergency
treatment after being attacked by a patient. Hospital staff were left injured
and shaken when a patient with a kidney disorder became aggressive.

Nursing Times, 11 February

Digital hearing aids Digital hearing aids are to be made available on the
NHS as part of a £94m government programme to improve services for the deaf and
hard of hearing. The hearing aids have already been issued to 20 NHS sites and
now the scheme will be extended throughout the NHS. From April 2003, almost a
third of NHS audiology departments will be providing digital hearing aids.
Nursing Times, 2 February

Whiplash training

A training pack for A&E staff in spotting and treating whiplash injury
has been issued by the British Association for A&E Medicine. Sponsored by
the Association of British Insurers, it is avail-able free of charge to A&E
departments. Whiplash injuries cost insurers an estimated £700m a year

Nursing Standard, 11 February

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