A round-up of news from the professional journals

Grading for nurses

Nurses are being offered a new weapon in the fight for better pay, with the
launch of an initiative to get proper grading for their work. Unison is
launching a campaign to improve clinical grading and claims that up to a fifth of
nurses may be underpaid for the work they are doing.

Nursing Times
12 July 2002

HIV-positive health workers

Nurse leaders have attempted to assure the public that patients are not in
danger from HIV-positive care workers, after reports that new nurses may have
to take a test before being allowed to work. The DoH has confirmed ministers
are considering the recommendations of an ad hoc expert group, set up last
August, after it emerged that 10 HIV-positive nurses had been recruited in

Nursing Standard
28 July 2002

Nursing qualifications

Removing the requirement for public health nurses including health visitors
to have a general nursing qualification could prompt a shake-up in how they are
regulated. The Nursing and Midwifery Council is considering allowing direct
entry into a variety of public health nursing roles, including health visiting.

Nursing Standard
28 July 2002

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