A round-up of news from the professional journals

Dissatisfaction with government

A staggering 74 per cent of nurses believe the NHS is no longer safe in
Labour’s hands, Nursing Times can exclusively reveal. Over 1,500 nurses
responded to the survey which covered key aspects of nurses’ working lives.
Just over half said that if they had their time again, they would not enter the

Nursing Times
15 April 2002

Patients prefer nursing care

Nurse practitioners’ skills have received a resounding thumbs-up in an
authoritative report. In fact, patients prefer care from a nurse practitioner
than from a doctor says the research in this week’s BMJ. Researchers in Bristol
reviewed 34 studies from around the world to determine whether nurse
practitioners working in primary care can provide equivalent care to doctors
and concluded they were more than capable.

Nursing Times
11 April 2002

Nurses say they are ready to strike

Nurses are ready to strike over what they say are continuing poor levels of
pay and appalling working conditions, says a Nursing Times survey. Over 94 per
cent of around 1,200 readers taking part in a poll now believe it is right to
take industrial action.

Nursing Times
2 April 2002

Night work

No one should work more than two night shifts in a row or they will be at
risk of causing accidents and making mistakes, delegates at a conference on how
lack of sleep affects people’s lives have heard. Nottingham Trent University
senior lecturer in psychology Philip Tucker said the "least worst"
option for night workers would be for them to work permanent nights.

Nursing Standard
25 April 2002

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