A round-up of news from the professional journals

Fear kept from GPs

Women rarely voice their fears over a family history of breast cancer with
their practice nurses or GPs, a study has concluded. But in contrast, genetic
centres have experienced a rise in referrals of women at very low risk of breast
cancer who are concerned about a familial history of the disease.

Nursing Times,
5 January 2001.

Walk-in ‘danger’

NHS walk-in centres are failing to assess patients correctly and in some
cases carry out "potentially dangerous treatment", a report has
claimed. Which? magazine sent three trained undercover "patients" to
eight centres around the country in July 2000 for a total of 24 visits.
Overall, despite some excellent service, the experts were
"disappointed" by the standards and thought some treatment
"potentially dangerous".

Nursing Times,
5 January 2001.

Nursing skills gap?

General nurses believe they are becoming deskilled as too many specialists
neglect to pass on their knowledge, research has shown. A study of a large
acute hospital in Birmingham revealed that three-quarters of staff nurses, ward
sisters and charge nurses thought their skill levels were falling because of

Nursing Standard,
17 January 2001

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