Bright future expected for e-learning

is going to become a major development tool in most organisations over the next
two years, according to a survey by the Industrial Society.

survey shows that 29 per cent of respondent organisations offer e-learning and
nearly half of those which do not intend to do so in the next two years.

the survey also highlights a divide within companies over who uses e-learning
facilities. Technical staff and management – both senior and junior – use
e-learning resources the most.

18 per cent of organisations which offer e-learning make it available to all
staff, with 6 per cent incorporating some form of e-learning in their induction
programmes. It is more commonly used in the development of administrative
skills and manual skills than to enhance behavioural or leadership skills.

key benefits of e-learning include its minimal disruption to working life and that
individuals learn in their own time.

Mike Broad


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