Britannia Building Society to let employees retire at 70

Staff at Britannia Building Society will be able to work until their 70th birthday following changes to the society’s HR policies.

The changes will be implemented with effect from 1 October when the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations, which make age discrimination and harassment unlawful in relation to employment in the UK, come into force.

Britannia employees can choose whether to work to the age of 70 or retire before.

Lynette Beckett, organisational development manager at Britannia, said: “We used the regulations as an opportunity to review Britannia’s policies and to reflect the society’s strategy of being a great place to work, grow and develop.

“We advised staff of the proposals and asked for their feedback,” she said. “The comments we received reflected the thoughts and views of different groups of employees and the decisions we have taken reflect those views.

“Of course, some employees may prefer to retire before their 70th birthday; the new policy simply gives them the opportunity to work for longer if they wish.”

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