British employees admit to four ‘sickies’ a year

half of the British workforce has admitted to taking up to four "sickies"
a year, a new online survey has revealed.

three quarters (72 per cent) of those questioned said they had taken a
"sickie" at least once during the working year, while a further 12
per cent said they had taken between five and 10 days off by pretending to be

survey of 1,336 working people, which was carried out by market research
company My Voice, revealed just how common the practice of unauthorised absence
or "taking sickies" actually is.

main reason for missing work was a combination of tiredness and a hangover
which accounted for 33 per cent of "sickies". More worryingly, 27 per
cent said being too stressed was the next main factor while 14 per cent stated
that having no holiday left was their main reason. Another 15 per cent said
they took the day off on false pretences because they had an interview.

poll suggests that employers will have to become more flexible to attract and
retain staff, with 79 per cent citing work-life balance issues as important
when looking for a new job.

total of 76 per cent thought sabbaticals are a good idea to reward staff, but
59 per cent admitted they couldn’t afford to take them unless they received
full pay.

By Ross Wigham

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