British homeworkers lag behind European counterparts

has the second-lowest number of staff working from home in Europe, despite
having a high level of enthusiasm for teleworking across the workforce.

research shows that 52 per cent of Europeans work from home, with a third doing
so every day or several times a week.

research, by Epson, interviewed 750 staff from five European nations.

48 per cent of staff in the UK said they work from home, the second lowest
number in Europe and just ahead of France on 43 per cent.

staff in the UK were less likely to work from home than other nations, more
than half of the British respondents (56 per cent) said they would like it as
an option.

down stress levels was the most popular benefit of working from home, with 73
per cent of the overall sample and 81 per cent of the British contingent citing
it as the main advantage.

research found that home working staff were generally more relaxed.

of home working around Europe:

Germany          60 per cent
Italy                  54 per cent
Spain                54
per cent
UK                  48 per cent
France             43
per cent

By Ross Wigham

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