Britons are more depressed despite better lifestyle

Britons are increasingly depressed, alienated and unhappy, despite higher
incomes, better health and greater opportunities, a study has found.

The Institute of Education’s study, Changing Britain, Changing Lives,
followed more than 40,000 people born in the same week in 1946, 1958 and 1970.

It found 14 per cent of men born in 1970 were as likely to admit to anxiety
and depression in 2000. This compared with only 7 per cent of the 1958 group in
1991. Among women, it was 20 per cent in 2000 and 12 per cent in 1991.

The survey also reported a dramatic increase in the number of unhappy
marriages, with relationships becoming less predictable and more insecure, and
a drop in the number of people participating in their communities.

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