BT aims to push more women to the top

is to launch a network designed to promote women into top management positions.

Women’s Executive Network is the latest in a raft of initiatives designed to
boost the number of women in senior posts year on year.

Waters, BT’s people networks director, said the network will outline the
attributes, such as openness, risk-taking and motivating and inspiring staff,
that set high-flyers apart.

network, which includes 200 of the company’s most senior women, will outline
paths to the top, and detail how people should perform when they get there.

by BT’s chairman Sir Christopher Bland, the network and will also invite senior
women from outside the company to participate.

said the company has also told headhunters it wants balanced lists of
candidates and is confident the company can effect change

think that we will see change very quickly,” she said.

By Quentin Reade

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