BT Ignite to unify its staff bonus system

BT Ignite is introducing a new global bonus system to standardise the way it
rewards staff around the world.

The bonus system will apply to all 19,000 staff, employed across 50
countries by BT Ignite, BT’s global telecommunications arm.

HR vice-president Steven Kelly, who joined BT Ignite four months ago, said
the new framework would make staff more focused on achieving targets.

"We wanted to create a framework that rewarded people, while
underpinning a performance-led culture. It’s linked to targets so staff know
what they have to achieve to be rewarded with a specific amount," he said.

Kelly explained that financial rewards would still vary around the world
because of local economies but the framework would standardise the way rewards are

"The current system is fragmented and very different depending on the
country. Under the new scheme, the local market still dictates how rewards work
financially but the framework will be the same regardless of location," he

The company will also be linking individual employee objectives to business
objectives as part of its performance management process.

Formed two years ago, BT Ignite is launching a work culture drive, called
Inspire, to help staff deliver the strategic values of the business. It will
use a number of leadership programmes and improved internal communications,
including quarterly feedback from staff, in a bid to get workers more focused
on the business objectives.

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