BUDGET: Treasury cuts corporation tax and promotes R&D

The Treasury will cut corporation tax by 3 per cent in a bid
to improve the performance of British business.

It has been lowered from 33 per cent to 30 per cent and the
Chancellor has pledged to introduce a package measures to boost innovation.

These included consulting with business about tax relief for
intellectual property and goodwill, tax relief on shareholding and simplified
VAT payments for large companies.

VAT will now be based on annual company accounts and the
threshold for small companies raised to £54,000.

Brown also extended the research and development tax credit
to larger companies and announced a tax credit for vaccine research.

As part of his plans to boost investment in inner cities,
Brown pledged to introduce a tax credit on investment in inner cities.

Brown kept his target for inflation at 2.5 per cent at the
end of the next financial year.


By Richard Staines.
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