Bureaucrats outnumber medics in Scottish NHS recruitment

More administrators and bureaucrats were recruited into the Scottish NHS last year than any other type of worker, according to official statistics.

Figures published by the Scottish Executive last week show that of the 4,227 new employees recruited to work in the Scottish NHS last year, almost a quarter (1,035) were administrators and managers, as compared to 916 nurses and midwives.

The NHS also took on 82 doctors, 150 consultants and 56 dentists. The rest of the posts were made up of other health professionals, such as physiotherapists, technical experts and ambulance staff.

The number of non-clinical workers in the Scottish health service is at an all-time high, at almost 25,000 administrators, managers and clerical staff.

Scottish health minister Andy Kerr told The Scotsman newspaper that administration played a vital part in saving and improving lives in the modern NHS.

“We need effective administrators and medical record keepers to ensure that we schedule and treat patients as quickly and smoothly as possible. Alongside every great doctor, there is a great NHS team,” he said.

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