Business is bugged by buzz words

two thirds of company directors are irritated when people use jargon or buzz
words in business conversations, a survey reveals.

by the Aziz Corporation finds that the worst offender was “lets touch base”, which
annoys 28 per cent of directors, followed by “no brainer”, regarded as irksome
by 19 per cent.

irritating phrases include “synergy” (16 per cent), “outside the box” (14 per
cent), “lets take this off line” and “playing hardball” (both 6 per cent).

Aziz, chairman of the Aziz Corporation, commented: “All of us are guilty of
using the occasional buzzword, cliché, slogan or acronym. They are harmless in
small doses but when they become commonplace and define our vocabulary that
should be a cause to worry.”

Ben Willmott

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