Business partners provide HR solution

joint-venture between BT and consultancy Accenture led to the creation of HR
service e-peopleserve. By Rob McLuhan

the late 1990s BT decided to upgrade its HR function, wanting to implement an
innovative service company-wide. Since no appropriate product existed on the
market it set about creating a bespoke solution.

developed and implemented the infrastructure, BT realised it had a service that
could be of interest to other companies. However it had neither the consultancy
skills nor the marketing channels to capitalise on this opportunity.

decided to exploit is relationship with Accenture’s consulting resulting in the
formation of e-peopleserve in August 2000. The new company currently delivers HR
services to 130,000 client employees and administers 50,000 organisation
changes annually.

aim is to offer a more efficient and effective way for organisations to manage
their HR, delivering at scale and speed," says David Williams, CEO for
Europe at e-peopleserve. The company uses Web technology, outsourcing and
expert case-workers to handle low-cost activities, enabling the HR function to
focus on providing a strategic service.

between two leading players in the technology and consulting sectors brings big
advantages, says Williams. Accenture has developed world-class tools over the
past 15 years in how to migrate and manage successful long-term business
outsourcing contracts. Similarly, BT offers the necessary communications,
technology, and service centre capabilities.

added benefit is that both companies have extensive marketing networks, which
means the joint venture can offer global coverage.

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