Businesses paying for failure to live up to corporate values

than half the UK’s employers are failing to tap into staff creativity to help
improve productivity by neglecting the corporate goals that attract new
recruits to the business in the first place.

shows that responsible business practice can help to attract, motivate and
retain a talented and diverse workforce. Yet only 45 per cent of staff find the
corporate values which helped attract them to their employer are ever actually

driving innovation, inspiring employees
– a survey of 1,000 workers across
the UK, carried out by Business in the Community in partnership with the
Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and the Future Work Institute –
finds that employees see a clear connection between responsible business
practice and a positive impact on the bottom line.

believe recruitment based on responsible business ethics would lead to a more
creative and innovative workforce, which would improve competitiveness and

report says organisations seeking to turn responsible practice into improved
bottom line results should ensure they put five characteristics into practice,
as identified by employees. These ‘responsible employer’ traits are:
● Treating individuals fairly
● Responding to the changing needs of individual employees over time
● Providing good quality products or services
● Listening to employees
● Understanding the importance of values.

Michael Millar

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