Call centre staff satisfaction improves

Call centre staff are less bored and stressed than previously, but want more opportunities for career advancement.

Research released yesterday by Sitel Consulting shows only a small percentage of customer service professionals now leave their job as a result of stress, boredom or long hours after years of investment into improved work conditions by call centres.

Ian Winham, managing director of Sitel Consulting, said that while contact centres had been successful in combating many of the traditional reasons for staff to leave their jobs, they needed to concentrate more on non-monetary incentives such as training and career development programmes.

An average call centre employing 100 people can now expect to spend about £28,000 a year on training staff.

“Tactics such as pay incentives and gifts remain popular, of course, But what we can see now are staff who build a career on the experience they gain in a call centre,” said Winham.

By Jennifer Woollons

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