Camera operator wins equal pay claim at Grampian TV

Scottish and Grampian Television has increased a woman
camera operator’s salary by £5,000 per year following an equal pay claim.

Alison Parry started an equal pay claim after finding out
that male camera operators at Grampian Television earned better wages in
January 1999. Parry, from Aberdeen, had worked for the company since 1993 and
received the support of the Equal Opportunities Commission.

Stewart Davie, human resources manager for Scottish and
Grampian Television, said, “The situation surrounding Alison Parry and her
salary was an unfortunate anomaly inherited from the Grampian TV merger and was
highlighted when we recruited new camera people from the small Aberdeen market,
on what was their market salary.”

He added, “We now have very clear salary bands in place
across the TV division and we are pleased to have reached a mutually agreed
outcome in this particular case.”

Scottish Television inherited a complex set of pay
arrangements following the merger with Grampian TV in 1997.

The television group has been working with staff and unions
to create a more transparent pay structure.

By Karen Higginbottom

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