Can’t live without

Epson EMP-730 multimedia projector

What is it? A multimedia projector for both mobile and desktop
presentations. It packs a lot of functionality into its 1.9kg bundle, and with
a 1024x768dpi resolution and 16.7 million colours, it’s a far cry from those
days of pixellated presentations. Epson’s Dream LCD panels also enhance
brightness (up to 2,000 ANSI lumens if you want to get technical,) so static or
moving images will be clear and sharp, even in daylight conditions. The screen
size goes from 30 to 300ins and a card-style remote control is conveniently
stored in the rear of the projector. A handy feature is the up and down button
(an Epson innovation) for quickly scrolling through pages – particularly useful
if you are presenting in applications such as Powerpoint, Word or Excel. There
are inputs for both a PC and two video sockets, and worldwide video
compatibility is built in. It also supports the USB port so you can use it with
a USB mouse.

Do I really need one? We know a whiteboard and overhead projector
remain favoured tools of the trade, but if HR is to be taken seriously at board-level
presentations, a state-of-the-art device such as this will enhance its
standing. Because it plugs into the PC, it’s also a great tool for video
conferencing and webcasting, as well as being a very good vehicle for
delivering training material.

Price: £3,799

Specification: 276 x 78.5 x 190mm

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