Can’t live without: Iomega HDD 20Gb Portable Hard Drive

A hard drive that plugs into your PC to give you acres more capacity for
storing and transporting your files. The HDD range goes up to 120Gb, but we
reckon the 20Gb at just over £100 will suffice many people’s needs. Iomega
makes among the best drives in the industry (it makes the popular Zip drive)
and the HDD range is designed for those who want to considerably increase their
storage capacity without taking the back off their computer.

The drive simply plugs in and connects via a FireWire or USB2 connection and
offers data transfer rates of up to 48Mb per second – so you won’t be standing
around waiting for your files to copy at the end of the day. It comes with
QuickSync automatic back-up and Disaster Recovery software.

Why do I need one?

With more and more of us making use of video and graphics, file sizes get
ever bigger. While company servers can offer central depositories for data, it
is handy to have your own plug-in device for swift and easy data transfer,
storage and back-up. The sample video-heavy e-learning programme that took up most
of your remainder storage on your laptop, for instance, will occupy just a
small corner of the Iomega HDD.

It is also handy for offloading those files you haven’t accessed for years
but don’t have time to open to see if you really still need them – just whiz
them across to the HDD and forget about them. The drive is ultra sleek but
nonetheless robust – it is shockproof and offers vibration protection, claiming
to be able to emerge unscathed from a 1.20mdrop.


1.75cm (H) x 9cm (W) x 20.9cm (D); 0.23kg

How much is it?

Approx £117 for the 20Gb version, up to just over £200 for the 120Gb
FireWire version (ex VAT)

Where can I get more info?

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