Can’t live without: Siemans SX45

What is it? A combined palm- top computer and phone device, which as well as
mobile internet access (courtesy of General Packet Radio Service or GPRS) and
e-mail facilities, can act as a voice recorder, MP3 player – and, by plugging
in a Casio Flash Card digital camera, a videoconferencing device.

It runs Microsoft’s PocketPC software which offers pocket versions of Word,
Excel, Outlook, Media Player, Calcul-ator and In-box as standard and features a
USB and serial port for synchronisation with a desktop PC.

There’s an infra-red port to communicate with similarly equipped devices and
a slot for Bluetooth SD (Secure Digital) cards (not yet available) to allow you
to talk to Blue-tooth-enabled devices, too. When used as a mobile phone, you do
have to use a hands-free headset.

Do I really need one? It’s not as essential as a mobile phone but if the
idea of the mobile internet excites you and you’re on the move more often than
you are at your desk, it’s well worth a look.

There has been talk for some of busy HR professionals reading CVs on their
phones and accessing self-service HR system from the palm of their hands and
this brings it much closer. Technically, it has been possible for a while but
the user experience on some palmtop gadgetry hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to

This has one of the best small screens – clear and easy to read. GPRS means
internet access is fast and it offers all the connectivity and add-on
functionality you’ll need.

SX45 is a bit chunky but all those features have to go somewhere and if you
like to be seen as one of those with the latest kit in your top pocket, it’s a
fair trade-off.

Specifications: size 87x27x134; weight: 300g; memory: 32 MB Ram

Cost: Price not available at the time of going to press

More details:

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