Career-driven youngsters set their sights on the top

Workers are more career-driven the younger they are, a new poll reveals.

A study of more than 5,800 people shows 78 per cent of UK workers under the
age of 25 think they are more ambitious than their parents were at their age.

The survey, by internet job site, shows that the younger a person
is, the more ambitions they are likely to have. In all, 85 per cent of under
18s feel more ambitious than their parents were.

More than half of those under 18 say they would prefer to reach the top of
their career rather than achieve a balanced lifestyle.

However, things are very different for those aged 26 and over. Only 24 per
cent see reaching the top of their career as their main goal, while three
quarters prioritise achieving a good work-life balance.

Dan Ferrandino, director of, said: "Are we seeing the end of
‘Generation X’? It seems the lack of national energy they experienced under
John Major has prompted an opposite reaction of drive and ambition in the under
25s, and many are setting their sights on the top."

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